Dating & Relationships

I'm so burnt out with dating. Do I have to use the apps? Meeting someone in person feels impossible. What do I text back? Should I end my relationship? What if I thought this was the person I was going to marry? How will I stay on my ‘timeline’? 

Developing and maintaining romantic relationships in the digital age is nothing short of perplexing and at times, downright brutal. And all the tips, tricks, and “here’s what to text back” advice out there aren't doing us any favors.

But what if you still crave that rich, rich love? That deep connection. Your person. Your partner. Your "let's do life together" teammate. You may have been shamed out of wanting it. Perhaps you were told to lower your expectations. Don’t appear too interested. Don’t be too demanding. All relationships require work. Don’t give up that easily. No one is perfect. But what if that's....just not working for you?

I work with women to shift what's been labeled as a painful and hopeless experience into one filled with choice, joy and growth.

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