What is coaching? And who needs it?

Working with a coach is a choice – a choice to live with more intention and purpose, a choice that often leads to experiencing more joy. 

It’s a decision to live more consciously. To seek support, guidance and insight in identifying and getting the things you want, be it a new job, a loving relationship, a healthier relationship with food and your own body... anything. Often times they’re all intertwined.  

We all have blocks we can't see. Things that stand in our way – consciously or subconsciously – of getting the things we want. That’s where I step in. We will work together to identify your blocks and take concrete actions toward getting what you want.

What's the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching is therapeutic in nature, but it's not therapy. Therapy is designed to treat deep emotional and mental disorders and struggles, often by digging into the past. Coaching is about taking stock of where you are right now, understanding where you want to be, and crafting a plan to get you there. We unpack key events from your past and put them into context with your present day struggles, but overall the approach and experience is more heavily rooted in action. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, I highly recommend interviewing a variety of practitioners.

What does it look like to work with you?

We work together through a series of individual phone sessions and customized personal exploration assignments to understand your specific blocks and limiting patterns when it comes to partnership.

More specifically, we work to:

  • Mitigate the ongoing anxiety and emotional rollercoaster that dating can become, and provide you with more agency in your own dating life.

  • Gain clarity on your individual patterning and limiting beliefs which hold all the underlying blocks when it comes to your dating life.

  • Hone the ability to date from a place of empowerment rather than feeling at the emotional mercy of forces outside of you.

  • Develop your ‘personal foundation’ such that your dating life doesn’t take on energetic toll on every other part of your life.

  • Create a sense of ‘wholeness’ —an inner knowing that even amidst an environment where everyone is telling you to do something else, you become your only compass.

What is dating and relationships coaching? Can you help me meet ‘the one?’ Is my current relationship the right relationship?

I'm not a matchmaker or a miracle worker (though I have been described as a "Godsend"), but the truth is that you don't need a miracle. You need clarity on you individual blocks and obstacles to a fulfilling relationship.

We don’t know what we don’t know (myself included). Whether you're seeking a partner, questioning your current relationship or working to strengthen it, or feeling completely hopeless and burnt out when it comes to dating, I work with you to see and tackle the obstacles to getting the relationship you want. My work with clients is rooted in developing rock solid self worth, a comfort with vulnerability, and complete clarity on your needs and desires.

Are you a health coach, too? I see you got trained as a health coach.

Technically, yes. But I use it to inform my dating and relationships coaching, not tell you how to eat.

Our struggles with our bodies and our broken relationships with food always stem from deeper issue. It’s never just about the food or the weight. If it were you'd have solved that already (or Google would have), because you’re a highly capable and resourceful person. Trust me, you are. 

I work with my clients to uncover and explore those deeper issues, and specifically how they stand in the way of successful and fulfilling intimate relationships.

Don't see your question here?

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