Dating Should Be Messy

An 8-week program dedicated to dating with self compassion, intention and humility in the digital age.

It’s time for a different conversation on dating in the digital age. One that’s rooted in developing a better understanding of ourselves, a better understanding of how we relate in the digital, and leveraging that information to seek the relationship we want.

Here’s who this program was made for:

  • The woman who feels like she’s generally “got it together,” but feels lost when it comes to her pursuit of partnership.

  • The woman ready to let go of all the tips, tricks, games and other B.S. advice which falsely convinces us we can somehow hack meaningful partnership.

  • The women who seeks to create incredible partnership in her life—whatever that looks like— and do the deeper work to move towards that.

  • The woman who craves a like-minded community of inspiring women who she can learn from and lean on in the program and beyond.

Here’s what this program does:

  • Mitigate the ongoing anxiety and emotional rollercoaster that dating can feel like, and provide you with much more agency in your own dating life.

  • Understand your individual patterning and limiting beliefs which hold all the underlying blocks when it comes to your dating life.

  • Ground you in a community of like-minded, ambitious women who are over the games and gimmicks, and ready to do the deeper work to move purposefully towards meaningful partnership.

Course Overview

Module I: Why Dating Became So “Hard”

Module II: There Is No “Right” Way to Date

Module III: What It Actually Looks Like to Love Yourself

Module IV: Dating in Person in the Digital

Module V: Navigating the Apps With (More) Ease

Module V1: Cut the Digital B.S.

Module VII: Weathering the Ups + Downs

Module VII: Closing Week

Questions? Request a 30-minute complimentary consultation and we can review in greater detail if the program is right for you.