So like….how do I work with you?

GREAT question. So first things first, know that each of my programs are designed to:

  • Mitigate the ongoing anxiety and emotional rollercoaster that dating can become, and provide you with more agency in your own dating life.

  • Gain clarity on your individual patterning and limiting beliefs which hold all the underlying blocks when it comes to your dating life.

  • Hone the ability to date from a place of empowerment rather than feeling at the emotional mercy of forces outside of you.

  • Develop your ‘personal foundation’ such that your dating life doesn’t take on energetic toll on every other part of your life.

  • Create a sense of ‘wholeness’ —an inner knowing that even amidst an environment where everyone is telling you to do something else, you become your only compass.

That work takes a variety of forms: 

One on One Coaching We work together through a series of individual phone sessions and customized personal exploration assignments (that’s way more fun than it sounds) to understand your specific blocks and limiting patterns when it comes to partnership.

Group Coaching Similar to the above, except done in a group fashion. You join a cohort of women as we collectively work to uncover our individual blocks and learn tangible ways in which we can work through them. The next group session kicks off June 10th. Details HERE. 

VIP Program Each year I take on four women in a very intimate capacity. We work together in person and virtually across a 12-month period. Our work focuses primarily on your pursuit of partnership, but from a bird’s eye view, tackles the larger life you want to create. To learn more about and apply for this opportunity, submit your information below.

Retreats Coming soon! Kicking off in the late summer of 2019 I’ll be hosting one day retreats focused on a modern approach to dating for the empowered woman in my home in the Hudson Valley. Join my newsletter if you’d like to be notified of dates.

How do I know what program is right for me? Fill out this sweet little form and we can figure that out together. 

P.S. What if I don’t even know if coaching is right for me? And honestly, what does coaching even entail? Totally fair question! Get some clarity right here.