Clara Artschwager


Coach. Writer. Speaker.

It is a different time to be seeking partnership.


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When I began my own dating journey, it seemed I either needed to follow some strict formula to “get the guy,” or completely and wholly love myself until I could ever dream of having a successful relationship. Ever.

I saw an opportunity for a different conversation around our pursuit of partnership. One that took a more artful and scientific approach to dating. One that was rooted in developing deep self awareness, emotional resilience, and a rich understanding of human behavioral dynamics in the digital age



Clara is one of those coaches who clearly has the intelligence and coaching acumen to provide an incredible service — but it’s the enormity or unseen value she delivers that I most cherish. A seemingly simple conversation ignites a depth of awareness and awakening to blind spots unlike most people I’ve worked with.
— Female Business & Brand strategist, 35
Once in a blue moon you find someone with whom you can truly be yourself - let down your guard and really open up. Clara is that someone for me. My time with her is part talk therapy, part life coaching and all heart. Clara doesn’t dictate the way forward, instead she helps you find your way in all its amazing, affirming twists and turns.
— Female PR Professional, 40
Clara is a rare kind of person, an empathetic pragmatist with honed intuition. Her methodology is enhanced by years of reading, research, and deep engagement with the world —and it shows in the quality of her feedback. She doesn’t try to “solve” the problems I describe to her with boilerplate assessments. Clara’s power is that she offers alternatives I can truly believe in and use.
— Female Journalist and Editor, 32

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