Clara Artschwager


Hey girl. I feel you.

The ghosting, the texting games, the endless swiping, the bad dates, the bullshit. I lived through it all. And then I figured out a better way. A much better way.


Burnt out with dating? Tired of the apps? Worried about staying on your ‘timeline’?


Calling all Couples

Apps and algorithms have made it easier than ever to go on first dates.

But what happens when you finally meet someone great? Someone hot and smart and funny and quirky and kind, someone who’s equally into your hot and smart and quirky and kind self. And you both want something more. What next?

There’s no app for that.

And that’s when things start to get really interesting.


Clara is a rare kind of person, an empathetic pragmatist with honed intuition. Her methodology is enhanced by years of reading, research, and deep engagement with the world —and it shows in the quality of her feedback. She doesn’t try to “solve” the problems I describe to her with boilerplate assessments. Clara’s power is that she offers alternatives I can truly believe in and use.
— Female Journalist and Editor, 32
Clara is both empathetic and encouraging in her approach. Our work has gone from career to dating and relationships and everything in between. Through all of it she’s helped me grow, made me much more confident in my personal and professional life, and ultimately led me to live a more fulfilling life.
— Male Creative Director, 28
Clara’s deeply intuitive nature, incredible warmth, and passion for a life well lived got me to where I am today. I can truly say that I wouldn’t be where I am in my career without her.
— Female Social Media Lead, 24