Summer 2019:

A Modern Approach to Dating for the Empowered Woman

Here’s the thing...

A cursory Google search for dating advice will deliver an avalanche of rules: Wait this long to text back. Put this in your online profile to get more people swiping right. Don’t sleep with them until the third date. The process of meeting someone and developing a relationship is presented as a game of dos and don’ts; definitive right ways and wrong ways to meet someone.

But the truth is dating is an emotionally complicated endeavor. The ultimate goal–a deep and meaningful connection with a person you respect, admire and love – is no small feat. It takes grit, courage, humility, vulnerability and endless compassion for oneself. No tip, trick or rule will trump that reality.

This program is about embracing that reality. It’s about developing deep self awareness, emotional resilience, and learning to communicate your needs like a badass.

This program is right for you, if:

  • You seek a more thoughtful approach to dating (beyond mindless swiping) that doesn’t make you feel at the emotional mercy of the apps.

  • You want to move intentionally towards a committed relationship and away from one off scenarios or “mini relationships.” You’re frankly not even sure how you keep getting in them, but you feel forever stuck in the gray area.

  • You’re eager to gain crystal clarity on your own patterns and blocks to intimacy and connection, and are ready to do the deep work to get yourself there. You’re ready to get really honest with yourself. 

  • You’re eager for dating to not feel like such a job. You’re willing to invest the time, but you’ve got many brilliant components of your life that you don’t want to let fall to the wayside. You want to weave dating into your everyday.

Omg yes that’s me! How can I learn more?

If you’re interested in learning how the program works, what you get, how much it costs, and all that good stuff, shoot me a note here and I’ll send you further details.